Of South Africa, for gold and diamonds

Of South Africa, one of the world’s principal areas of contention today, for gold and diamonds. “..After illegally annexing the Transvaal in 1881, the British had been turned back with a resounding defeat at Majuba by Paul Kruger. In 1889, because of the discovery of vas wealth in gold and diamonds in South Africa, the Rothschilds came back to loot the nation with 400,000 British soldiers pitted against 30,000 “irregulars”, that is, farmers with rifles, whom the Boers could put into the field. The Boer War was started by Rothschild’s agent, Lord Alfred Milner. His plans were aided by another Rothschild’s agent, Cecil Rhodes, whe later left his entire fortune to the furtherance of the Rothschild program, through the Rhodes Trust” (Eustace Mullins “The World Order”) “..In the Boer War, for the first time in a war conducted by a major European power, the British used concentration camps, starvation and disease as the crucial weapons to subdue the enemy. These atrocities were directed by Sir Alfred Milner, a Rothschild agent who had founded the Round Tables (which later became the Council on Foreign Relations). The stakes were high; the Rothschilds needed the enormous capital represented by the gold and diamond riches of South Africa. Because of these riches, South Africa remains one of the world’s principal areas of contention today. The furor about “apartheid” and “racial problems” provides a convenient cover for the real struggle of the Rothschilds to protect their diamond holdings, DeBeers, and their gold hoard, Anglo-American Corporation. The Rothschilds have also managed to pick up a few billion dollars by speculating in the South African rand. Due to their worldwide media campaign, they drove the rand down from $1.45 to 25¢. The Babylonian monetary system relies on a strong central government, that is, a non- representational Oriental despotism, which in turn is dependent on its continual financing by a strong central bank. The central bank exercises power by obtaining a monopoly on the entire money and credit of the people; it then uses this power to loot the nation through enormous expenditures. The function of the media is to obscure what is going on; it can never be entirely concealed. Therefore, the “free press” continually leads the public off on false scents –Watergate, Irangate, San Salvador, South Africa…(Eustace Mullins, “Curse of Canaan”)”